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About :

Prenco is a leading innovator and supplier to OEM's and aftermarket in the automotive, industrial and power sports markets. Products manufactured, along with worldwide distribution consist of a full line of ignition, electrical, brake, engine, and emission products.

Prenco is constantly evaluating and developing new products and opportunities for our customers. Product line enhancements for 2010 and beyond will consist of expanded brake hydraulics, ignition coils, and electrical sensors. Keep checking back for new developments.

We are proud to be celebrating our 70th anniversary as a market innovator and leader, and look forward to the next 70 years.

Services :
Implementation of lean production techniques and cell based production over previous batch processes has dramatically improved productivity and competitiveness in world markets. Our specialty in tooling new components allows us to have near 100% OE type coverage on imports and domestic wire applications. A complete line of Prenco branded and any type of customized private branded product line is available as well.

Custom Insulator Products
Specializing in OEM and Aftermarket design and production of spark plug boots for complex 'deep well' cylinder head applications, as well as custom designs and solutions for ignition coils and coil connections.

Speed-Parts member since : 5 years

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