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Engine cooling systems must be quiet, light, efficient, space-saving and reliable - the less they are noticed, the better.

Behr Hella Service – play safe with engine cooling

The demands made of engine cooling systems are increasing all the time. Nowadays, possibilities of positively influencing fuel consumption, emissions, driving comfort and safety by means of new heat-transfer solutions are more important than ever.
Products from Behr Hella Service stand out thanks to their quality, reliability and durability. The basis for this is Behr's OE know-how and competence which are integrated directly in the products.

Behr Hella Service – The company introduces itself

Behr Hella Service is a joint venture by the two companies Behr and Hella. It was created in November 2005 for the purpose of jointly covering the global independent aftermarket for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling. Behr and Hella each have a 50% share in the joint venture.
Behr Hella Service is therefore a logical further development of the previous cooperation between the two companies in the area of climate control and front-end modules within the OE business. The joint venture was initially active in the European independent automotive aftermarket and has in the meantime successfully established itself in many international aftermarkets.

Services :
Water pump kits and water pumps

Nothing works without them !

As central parts of the cooling circuit, water pumps are among the most widely demanded spare parts. The new complete kits by Behr Hella Service contain both the water pump (including, if needed, O-rings or other seals) and all spare parts needed for its operation. Timing belts, tension, deflection and guide rollers, as well as seals, and dampers are perfectly matched. This avoids a time-consuming search for individual parts and offers a perfect service for the customer.

Oil cooler for hydrodynamic retarder
Hydrodynamic retarders are used to support the braking system in commercial vehicles as a wear free hydrodynamic brake. The reduction in vehicle speed is activated by the transfer of movement energy of the crankshaft into thermal energy of the hydraulic oil. Once heated, hydraulic oil then flows through an oil cooler.


Expansion Tanks
Condenser/ Radiator Fans
Engine/Transmission Oil Coolers
Heating Elements
Radiator for exhaust gas recirculation
Oil cooler for hydrodynamic retarder
Water pump kits and water pumps

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