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Pagid - a leading brand within the TMD Friction portfolio

TMD Friction Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the original equipment market of the automotive and brake industry. Its product portfolio comprises disc brake pads and drum brake linings for passenger cars and commercial vehicles together with brake pads for racing and friction materials for industry.

Through the years a philosophy of quality and performance has ensured Pagid has evolved into the choice of vehicle manufacturers globally. Leading the field in both O.E. and aftermarket friction development, Pagid is working in partnership with the world´s leading brake and vehicles manufacturers for high performance cars.


TMD Friction and HELLA have founded the joint venture for brake systems. The two partners will develop and market brake components and accessories for the global vehicle spare parts market under the name HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS.

Pagid Passenger Car Range

The Pagid disc brake pad range has more than 1.215 different references manufactured from 60 different friction materials.

These are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual vehicles, braking systems, engine performance and vehicle loads. TMD Friction develops and tests its disc brake pads at its own research and development centre.

Services :

More than 1.215 Brake Pads
Pagid manufacture a full range of brake pads to give wide vehicle parc coverage. All Pagid pads are manufactured to O.E. specification including more than 20 types of noise fix and packaged accessories.

More than 355 Brake Shoes
With a wide range of O.E. lined brake shoes, fully regulation 90 homologated, Pagid quality brake shoes are the perfect friction partner to Pagid brake drums.

More than 190 Brake Drums
Manufactured from the highest quality casts to O.E. standards, engineered to provide both performance and life.

More than 1.400 Brake Discs
With a brake disc for every pad in the Pagid range, these complimentary products offer the optimum high performance friction solution.

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