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About :
RPM Sales & Marketing is a Sales Agency consisting of 3 Sales Professionals covering the Ontario Marketplace with Partnerships across Canada.

Our Team all have technical backgrounds with numerous years experience in the Automotive Aftermarket and Industrial Marketplace. We represent our lines professionally and knowledgeably, operating as a highly motivated unit and performing with the utmost of integrity.

Our Focus is Relationship Oriented and we strive to form long term partnerships with both our customers and the manufacturers we represent. Our methodology is to use the traditional push/pull Marketing Strategy with our warehouses and distributors. We build, manage and promote products at the warehouse and head office level and then do the pull through at the jobber/retail level. Our call routines cover the 900+ jobbers/distributors in a 10 week cycle.

Rev Up Your Sales' with Ontario's Premier Sales Agency.

Services :
Unlike other agencies that claim to effectively represent in excess of 25 lines, our mandate is to limit our representation to 10 lines and maintain product line stability.

Our call routines include calling at all levels of distribution including, Warehouses, Distributors and Jobbers. We also detail with our customers' salespeople to further penetrate the marketplace. We are currently selling and calling on the following marketplaces;

• The Automotive Aftermarket
• Heavy Duty and Fleet Distributors
• Industrial Distributors
• Body Shop Distributors
• Farm Distributors
• Engine Rebuilders
• Retail Distributors

At RPM Sales & Marketing, we not only provide Thorough and Productive Sales Calls through Effective Territory Management and Call Routines, we also provide the following additional Value Added Services;

• Sales Detail Work with and on behalf of our Distribution
• Display Set-up
• In-store Product Lifts
• Inventory Assistance with Key Warehouse Accounts
• Warranty Determination
• Training, Seminar and Presentation Capability
• Tradeshow Assistance
- Organization
- Coordination
- Set-up
- Attendance
• Broadcast Faxing
• E-mail & Web-site
• Desktop Publishing
• Sales Tool Development
• Computer Literacy
- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- CorelDraw
- Act!
- FrontPage

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RPM Sales & Marketing
RPM Sales & Marketing
RPM Sales & Marketing