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Type of business : Electronic catalogue system


About :
NETCOM CHRONOS is the most important system of electronic catalogues dedicated exclusively to automotive parts in north America and AAIA certified.

NETCOM CHORNOS makes life easier for all parts experts : Retail parts store • Wholesalers • Distributors • Garages for repairs of all types • Dealerships • Recycling centres • OEMs

NetCom Chronos is first and foremost : Catalogues certified by manufacturers

'Because we must be able to count on finding the information we need every single time!' - Clement Samson - Pieces d'auto Rives-Sud / Bestbuy

NetCom's primary mission consists of developing close partnerships with manufacturers in order to offer data of an unparalleled quality. Catalogue updates within 48 hours allow for offering information that is as accurate as that published on the various manufacturer's Web sites.

A User Friendly Interface
'Because the counter is all about results!' - Riad Issawi - Consumer Auto Parts / IAPA

Relying on functionalities that are primarily search-focused, NetCom Chronos offers singularly efficient performance and browsing in the largest AAIA-certified electronic catalogue directory on the market.

NetCom Chronos is the third generation of our electronic catalogue system dedicated exclusively to automotive parts. Redesigned as a Web-based application (no installation or CD-ROM required), NetCom Chronos will be continually upgraded over the coming months.
Thanks to the addition of functionalities designed to enhance searching, our upgrades will quickly address the recommendations submitted by our users over the last 8 years.

Designing, developing and adapting technology to meet the evolving needs of the automobile aftermarket industry is our raison d'être. Today, NetCom offers the largest directory of AAIA-certified e-catalogues currently available on the North American market. After conducting 10 years of research on business relationships between various aftermarket players, NetCom made a decision to share its knowledge and expertise with the industry and chose the Internet as its gateway.

Thanks to NetCom Chronos, its brand new Web-based application entirely focused on searching automotive products, NetCom is introducing the industry to a new way of communicating. Its neutral role in the industry makes it a company unlike any other—one that raises standards in an effort to favour the access to information.

NetCom was founded in 2002, in Montreal.

Services :

- Multiple selection
- Product locator
- Search result filters
- Catalogue of related products.

Multiple selection
(Select all of the products sought out in one operation) NetCom Chronos stands out through its use of Logo-tiles for selecting all of the products sought out. Whether it involve consulting a specific catalogue or several types of products, users will be thrilled with its flexibility, user-friendliness and effectiveness at the counter.

Product locator
(Quickly find the types of products sought out using keywords) With over 4,000 different types of products grouped together in a multitude of categories and sub-categories, NetCom Chronos relies on keywords to speed up the process.

Search result filters
(Increase searching speed and accuracy by applying appropriate filters) NetCom Chronos reduces the risk of users selecting the wrong part through filtering by manufacturer, product type, brand, sub-model, vehicle configuration, notes, positions and quantities.

Catalogue of related products
(Accessories, Fluids, Tools, Hardware, etc...) (Do not limit yourself to auto parts) NetCom Chronos was developed to enable searching among all automotive products... from accessories and fluids to tools and hardware.

Speed-Parts member since : 7 years

NETCOM Chronos
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Electronic catalogue system
NETCOM Chronos
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