Type of business : Products for automotive repairs manufacturer


About :
UView designs, manufactures and delivers the most innovative and functional products to the automotive repair industry.

Our award winning, internationally recognized products have revolutionized the automotive aftermarket. UView's strength lies in the company's ability to research, design, engineer, manufacture, calibrate, test and package high quality products at its ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturing facility.

Each and every product shipped is proudly backed by the UView name and our impressive customer service department.

Our customers include some of the most highly regarded names in the automotive sector and many of our products are OEM recommended by major automobile manufacturers.

Ford Motor Company
General Motors Corporation
Volvo Car Corporation
Daimler Chrysler
Delphi Corporation
International Truck & Engine Corp
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Tecumseh Products Company

Services :
UView has an extensive product line designed to meet the needs of todayís automotive operation: We manufacture products to solve problems.

Our product engineering and design philosophy isnít about self expression. Itís about solving problems. UView products succeed in their simplicity of purpose.

The people that use our products are technicians, problem solvers; people who are incredibly tenacious at finding the source of a problem and then fixing them.

UView has a consistent and proven track record of introducing new, exciting, innovative and functional products recognized and endorsed by the automotive industry and the professionals that use them.


A/C Diagnostic Tools
Coolant Exchanger
Cooling System Service Tools
Cordless Trouble Lights
MiST In-Car Air Quality Service
Professional UV Leak Detection
Specialty Products & Chemicals
UV Curing Light

Speed-Parts member since : 7 years

Airlift 550000
AirLift II 550500
Combustion Leak Tester 560000
Flexscope 580600
Freedomlite 413303
Mist 590150
Replacement Fluid 560500
SmartGauge 580500
Tempscan 580000
Tempscan 580030
Tempscan 580040
Tempscan 580045
Twister Injection Syst 471030
VacFill 570000
Xpress Cure 410000
Ac Dye Cartridges
AC In-Line Dye Capsules
AC Treatment cartridge
eBoost AC Oil Additive
Eco-Twister Dye Injection Syst
Professional AC Treatment Kit
Motor Magasine Award
Sema Marksman Award