MotorVac Technologies Inc

Type of business : Diagnostic equipment Manufacturing


About :
Welcome to MotorVac, a division of UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc.

MotorVac develops, manufactures and distributes fluid exchange and diagnostic equipment and various types of preventive maintenance service products to the automotive aftermarket.

MotorVacís history can be traced back to 1992 when the CarbonClean gas fuel cleaning system quickly became the 'standard' in the industry. The product line continued developing into different automotive fluid exchange systems and is now recognized as a leading supplier of professional automotive maintenance equipment and service products.

Services :
MotorVac products are distributed throughout the world by a select group of automotive parts suppliers and tool and equipment dealers. Each product provides a valuable service to the consumer, while enhancing the potential sales and profitability of automotive service and repair shops.

MotorVac is committed to providing excellent customer service, treating all associates with dignity and respect, and conducting our business with ethics and integrity as a good corporate citizen.


MotorVac offers a complete line of high quality, dependable preventive maintenance service products that include machines, proprietary chemical solutions and fluid evaluation kits. All products are designed to increase shop sales, enhance profits, improve efficiency and deliver customer satisfaction.

With 17 patents, MotorVac has become recognized as the automotive fluid exchange expert, developing valuable preventive maintenance services to enhance driving performance and extend vehicle life. The company has received four Top 20 Tools Awards from MOTOR magazine and numerous testimonials in trade publications.

MotorVac is an Innovator and not a Follower regarding Product Development. We practice a continuous improvement program to ensure our products are on the leading edge of design and application and we are always seeking new products for the industry.

MotorVac provides a complete line of accessories and high quality, dependable replacement parts for all of its machines.

MotorVac is an Innovator and not a Follower regarding Product Development. We practice a continuous improvement program and regularly update all products to ensure each is on the leading edge of design and application within the industry.

Speed-Parts member since : 7 years

Evap Leakcheck EVAP 333
HeavyDuty MTT 1150
LeakCheck Plus LC 210
OilClean MOF 1000
OiloClean MOF 6000
SteerClean MPS 1000
SteerClean MPS 7100
Transtech IV
TransTech MTT 1100
DieselTune IDT 4000
CoolantClean MCF 5100
CarbonClean Dual 352
CarbonClean 245
BrakeVac II
BrakeVac EBB 1000
ATF Protectant