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Type of business : Manufacturer Alternators & Startors


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Powerite Automotive story:

Opened in 1998 with a remanufacturing plant in Montreal and a distribution office in Toronto. In 2002, Powerite relocated its remanufacturing facility to Mississauga to enhance productivity and ensure better quality products to the OEM level and the Automotive Aftermarket.

Operating in an 8800 sq. ft. building and provide jobs to over 30 people. Collective experience of over 300 years specific to OEM remanufacturing with CPL and ENGINE REBUILDERS.

Together with our team of dedicated employees, we are manufacturing job lots for OEM manufacturers. Our product also supplies the Automotive aftermarket to warehouses & jobbers throughout North America.

Our belief at Powerite is to supply the best aftermarket product available.

Services :
Dismantling Area
• All units are completely dismantled to their individual components
• This ensure complete reprocessing and replacement

Shaker / Degreaser
• After dismantling, the frames are placed into a machine to remove the grease from the core

• After degreasing, the parts are washed by cylindrical force

Wheeleabrator Steel Shot
• This machine can clean 250 units per cycle
• This is the last cleaning step before assembly Armature and Rotor Balance

Testing Department
• Before assembly all armature and rotors are balanced Oven
• All reprocessed stators are sealed, varnished and baked for greater electrical continuity and durability

Assembling & Mounting Area
• All units are assembled to OEM specifications
• To ensure it’s highest quality, all units are assembled individually

DV Electronic Alternator Tester ALT-7
• This state of the art tester is used by most automobile manufactures’ research and development departments, to test various alternators including Visteon, Delco Remy, Nippondenso etc.. All remanufactured units are vigorously tested before they are shipped.

Starter Tester With Flywheel Simulator
• All Domestic starters are tested under load simulating actual installation
• Prior to shipping all starters are vigorously tested before they are shipped

Speed-Parts member since : 7 years

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