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Type of business : Distribution Reseller


About :
Looking for a consultant? GLENNMARK brings you solution

GLENNMARK accompanies you throughout your project development, from initial idea through the operational implementation.

Since 2003, Glennmark is positioned halfway between a consulting firm marketing strategy and development agency and facilitator for the acquisition or merger.

Services :
GLENNMARK agrees with you, in your reality

Invest in the business knowledge to enrich by another vision of its marketing issues.

Unleash the creativity and develop a marketing vision with the link between strategy and operations, development of services, communication and organization, bypassing taken-for-granted.

Align the action plan taking into account operational constraints. Ensure a return on investment, highlight business opportunities. Go beyond recommendations

To serve our customers with the experience of our people and our complementary skills.

Work closely with internal business teams and respect the existing modes of communication. Develop ownership of the project and autonomy. Share our expertise and share our experiences.

Additional skills: marketing, sales, communication

GlennMark combines his experience of business management to his knowledge of the approach to marketing and communication consultants. This dual experience that allows us to GlennMark available:

The richness and variety of functional experiments
Launch sales activities, SME management, sales management and key account management, animation b2b partnerships, marketing management, design and service offerings, operational marketing and communications, project management (technical / marketing), Council Management ...

The experience of development in different contexts
High-growth SMEs, large international groups, national networks, agencies and sales representation, communication ...

Knowledge levels
Production, B2B services, the retail market, manufacturing, distribution, ...

When GLENNMARK can help you?
When you need ...

- Professionalize its marketing and communication
- Accelerate the commercial development
- Structuring rapid development
- Adapting to a changing market
- Moving from product to services Culture
- Attacking a new market
- Facing competition
- Launch a new service
- Giving a boost
- Evolving sensitivity "technical" in a client / business orientation
- Prepare the transmission of its SME
- Boost the development of post-recovery
- Prepare now for sale or merger
- Facilitate the merger negotiations, possession, sale or purchase

Speed-Parts member since : 10 years

Claude Côté
Paul Laroche
Robert Hennessey