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About :
The first car to be officially called an “Allard” was the result of a marriage of an English Ford V-8 Coupe and a Grand Prix Bugatti body. This fusion of components was purposely built to compete in that most English of all automobile competitions.

Prior to the arrival of the “Allard Special”, most of these events were the playground of diminutive Singers and MGs. Sydney Allard had been competing with a modified Ford, but its size and weight distribution were against it. So when a brand new Ford was launched in 1935, Allard dragged it into the shop. When it re-emerged, complete with the body off of a Bugatti racing car, the purists swooned. But this new creation became an instant hit.

Sydney Allard was a consummate racer. His cars saw plenty of action and enjoyed a solid reputation as serious contenders at Le Mans, Monte Carlo, Watkins Glen, Silverstone, Pebble Beach, Goodwood, as well as countless other tracks throughout Europe and North America.

Services :
The J2X is part of the Allard Motor Company's large family of vehicles built between 1936 and 1964 (arguably its most successful).

Founded in 1936 by Sydney Allard, the company produced some 1,900 automobiles. These included hill climbers, sprint cars, sedans, racing cars and even dragsters (see The Allard Collection on the website).

Allard Motor Works is committed to keeping this legend alive by releasing no more than 100 new J2Xs per year for the enjoyment of sports car lovers from around the world.

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001 J2X 10-28-08
front yello lines
Allard L 1946
Allardette 1957
Clipper 1953
Dragon 1960
driver instruments VG
J2 - 1950
J2 modified
J2X 1951
J2X 50th edition
J2X LeMans 1955
J2X red spray booth
Jay Leno _amp_ RPA a Oct 24 08
Jay Leno _amp_ RPA d Oct 24 08
JR 1953
K1 - 1946
K2 - 1950
K3 - 1952
M1 - 1947
MK-II GT coupe 1957
P1 - 1949
P2 - 1952
Palm-Beach 1952
Palm-Beach-MK-II 1957
shop wall vert 6 bodies
special-clk-5 1936