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Type of business : Sales agent / representative

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Kingham Marketing is a Canadian manufacturing sales agency offering a variety of products to meet demands and expectations of the Ontario market.

Relying on an experienced staff, Kingham Marketing is an influential player in the niche of the automotive aftermarket. Over the years, always seeking new markets and was willing to offer its customers a greater variety of products, Kingham Marketing has used its market expertise to grow its customers, offering innovative approaches to business development.

- Through our integrity and work ethic we have created strong alliances with major partners across Canada and the United States. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions about our products and their applications and this, in order to ensure the product you choose meets your needs adequately. We are always looking to find innovative products and solutions to support our network of distributors.

Kingham Marketing is your business partner!

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Speed-Parts member since : 9 years

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