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Type of business : Car Parts Distribution Network


About :
The story of Bestbuy begins with Harry A. Torgis, who had the idea to create a private label for anti-freeze but was taken aback by the need to sign a deal for 50,000 gallons! The problem was solved when Roy Webber, of Standard Motor Replacements, joined Harry to form a buying partnership. Other jobbers soon asked to participate and on April 22, 1955, Bestbuy Distributors Limited was officially born.

Bestbuy has evolved from a buying group (Direct/Drop ship programs) to a full-service, independent warehouse distributor. We offer Direct/Drop ship and warehouse programs to a network of wholesalers across Canada. Through our affiliation with the Automotive Parts Associates, inc (APA) we also introduced the Professionals' Choice brand to the Canadian market.

Our success depends not only on attracting new members but ensuring continued satisfaction for our existing membership. Annual meetings and other events such as Buy and Sell (one-on-one meetings between wholesalers and suppliers), all contribute to the individual improvement of Bestbuy members.

Bestbuy recognizes the importance of the relationship between the Jobber and the Independent Automotive Service Provider and created the Best Auto Program. This program provides automotive service providers with a competitive marketing/business package. Bestbuy is also helping consumers to make sensible decisions about their vehicles and be proactive in vehicle maintenance by supporting the industry's 'Be Car Care Aware' education campaign, which educates consumers and emphasizes the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair.

Bestbuy is not only dedicated to its members but to the community. Through Buy and Sell and other events, the company has contributed well over half a million dollars to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children in the last 20 years.

Bestbuy's longevity and continued success is attributed to the mutually rewarding partnership between our suppliers and shareholders. In addition, 'Power of Numbers' has driven product costs down without compromising Bestbuy's dedication to developing customized marketing solutions for jobber shareholders.

Services :
Bestbuy is a national organization with international ties and nowhere does this come through more strongly than with the company's suppliers. The company has a warehouse that offers a wide range of National Brands and over 20 different product categories in two private label brands: Professionals' Choice and Quality Automotive Products. Professionals' Choice is exclusively offered through Bestbuy's American counterpart affiliation Automotive Parts Associates, inc (APA). Quality Automotive Products is Bestbuy's household brand and is steered by the Bestbuy Board of Directors and Product Committee.

The Bestbuy Distribution Centre is a fully stocked warehouse that is continually growing and evolving to meet the demands of the marketplace, thanks to the support of our shareholders and suppliers.

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