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PTERIO * We are specialized in translation of documents that are closely or distantly related to the wide world of the automobile. We know the area and the expressions in the field. This is all our strength.

We are involved in all aspects of your business:
- Your promotional materials
- Your ads
- Your notebooks and data sheets
- All software Suite Microsoft

The automatic translation software now available to the general public may seem useful, because they give readers an idea and an understanding of something written in a foreign language. But text generated by such software can in no way be considered as the equivalent of a true translation, which means it should be revised by a professional translator. Moreover, they do not reflect the real language of the field people.

As designers of automatic translation software themselves acknowledge, it will be some time before these kinds of tools are capable of producing quality translations comparable to those produced by human beings.

Services :
Pierre Thériault

25 years of marketing experience, managing one of the aftermarket’s largest warehouse distributors. Thorough understanding of the Quebec and Canadian marketplace. Creative presentations in both French and English designed for senior industry executives. Development and adaptation of English promotional campaigns created with cultural consideration.

Jack Kligman

Has spent 30 years in the Automotive and Heavy Duty aftermarket industry as both a sales and marketing leader. Has worked in both the distribution and the manufacturing parts of the industry and fully understands the terminology and wording used in the industry.

Speed-Parts member since : 5 years

Pierre Thériault