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Founded in 1927 in Hamburg, Germany, Deutsche Pentosin-Werke GmbH is globally recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of synthetic and mineral oil-based fluids for the automotive industry.

Pentosin operates production plants in Wedel and Dormagen, Germany, and has global distribution in over 60 countries. Pentosin Technical Fluids meet the demanding OE standards of many of the world's finest automobile manufacturers. In fact, Pentosin has achieved 27 first fill approvals.

Pentosin maintains its position as an industry leader with a longstanding commitment to research and development in addition to a state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Quality control and certification is integral to the Pentosin process, which is reflected in the company's ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications. These certifications further demonstrate Pentosin's 'zero mistake' philosophy, which is also backed by the belief that superior service, environmentally sound practices, plus a safe and more pleasurable driving experience are the keys to global success.

As a recognized leader in hydraulic fluid and transmission technology, Pentosin is currently leading the development of twin clutch transmission fluid. And when it comes to developing fluids that realize technical innovations down the road, Pentosin is driving the charge.

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For service technicians around the globe there is only one choice when quality and innovation matter most
- Pentosin Technical Automotive Fluids.

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