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About :
Dynaflex Products began in 1974 in Los Angeles with three employees. A flexible exhaust connector was our first product derived from our previous Aerospace activities. This single product was soon expanded into a broader line of exhaust parts such as elbows, tubes, reducers, and Y-Dividers.

Sales were originally concentrated on the Heavy-Duty Truck After-Market, which today represents a major part of our overall business. Beautiful Chrome Stacks became popularized in the late 1970's and Dynaflex pioneered the 9 and 10 foot Chrome Stacks you see on today's trucks. The 4' & 5' diameter Straight Stacks were replaced with 6 inch diameters called 'Monster Stacks,' and the Monster Stacks of today are 7' & 8' diameters.

The newest Chrome Stack, in the industry, is called the 'Muffler Stack'. It has the Straight Stack look, but with a built-in muffler which answers any questions the Highway Patrol may ask regarding a Muffler and Sound Control.

Bob McGovern, President & Marketing Director of Dynaflex, and Gil Contreras the Vice-President in charge of Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing represent a partnership of mutual respect and ideas. Their new 65,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility houses machinery for bending, expanding, flanging, hydraulic forming, convoluting & welding any tube from 1/2' in diameter to 12 inches.

Dynaflex manufactures a wide variety of Stainless Steel Bellows-type expansion joints used on Heavy-Duty diesel engines for applications involving Off Road Construction Equipment, Stationary Engines and Military equipment such as the M113 Tank, The Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Humvee.

To serve the popular Chrome Stacks market, Dynaflex continues to invest in products, quality and calibration equipment that will precisely measure the nickel plating thickness on Chromium Plated Stacks. A 1.2 Mil Nickel coating quality can be assured in all Chrome Plated exhaust stacks, elbows and clamps.

Dynaflex plans to continue its annual growth by 15% meeting customer requests for Quality Products and exceeding its competition by developing new and progressive designs for the Heavy-Duty Independent Truck Operator.

Services :

Dynaflex is the premier manufacturer of chrome plated, stainless steel, as well as plain and aluminized carbon steel exhaust products for the heavy duty trucking industry.

In almost 30 years of operation, Dynaflex has introduced, to the industry, innovative products that have since been duplicated by our competitors. We maintain a level of quality chrome plating that has not been duplicated in the industry.

Dynaflex offers aftermarket replacement products for all models of Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Freightliner, General Motors, Ford, International Harvester, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt and Western Star as well as generic products that will adapt to a number of other applications.

We recently introduced our 'Z' Series Combo Monster Stacks providing an easy to handle and assemble product to our line.

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easy seal flat band exaust clamp
strap hanger clamp
elbow tagent Ends, short radius
heavy duty round bolt exhaust hang clamp
full circle clamps
tru-seal clamp flat stainless steel strap
mounting bracket clamp
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strap clamp for hangers
elbow 45 degree short radius
elbow 45 degree standard radius
elbow 90 degree short radius
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elbow tagent Ends, standard radius
elbow 180 degree standard radius
elbow 180 degree short radius
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stainless stell bellow expansion joint with bolted flanges