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About :
For the last 16 years, Rousseau Automotive Communication has been pursuing the same goal: to provide you with the best possible advertising showcase for visibility and recognition by your customers. To achieve this, we demonstrate talent, innovation and rigour for each and every one of you. All these years of experience have allowed us to develop specific expertise of the automotive industry and a unique network of contacts. We represent the shortest distance between you and your customers.

Rousseau Automotive Communication is the best route to take in order to come into contact with automotive industry leaders, get your message across and disseminate your product and service information to your target audience.

In addition to our publications, we offer an array of products helping you to diversify your visibility and maximize your impact with regard to your customers. In fact, our special editions, Website, e-newsletters, directories and large scale events complement our magazines most effectively.

Our Website attracts a growing number of visitors looking for practical information and the latest news concerning the automotive industry. We’re committed to offering our readers a content that is accurate, current and relevant. Our reputation was built on the excellence of our magazines: intelligent articles written by experts in the field. Indirectly, we thus contribute to raising automotive industry standards; all with your benefit in mind.

Being a party to your success is our fundamental purpose.

Services :
In a unique, exclusive manner in Canada, Rousseau Automotive Communication harnesses the four market segments, in French and in English, of the automotive aftermarket in the country:
• Auto repair
• Tires
• Fleets
• Collision repair

Main Publications

Our main publications are business magazines distributed across Canada, both in English and in French, in four market segments:
• Auto repair: Carcare Business and Le Garagiste
• Tires: Tire News and Pneu Mag
• Fleets: fleetdigest and CamAuto
• Collision repair: Le Carrossier

Finally, Rousseau Automotive Communication produces Automotive Today, a prestigious business publication covering all aspects of the automotive industry in Canada.

Directories and Inserts

We publish directories such as the Canadian Automotive Directory, Bottin de l’après-marché automobile and Guide des parcs de véhicules. Yearly, on a point-to-point basis, we distribute thematic inserts which are highly valued by the industry on topics of common interest such as the environment, tires, banners and air conditioning. Further initiatives are being implemented.

Special Editions and Distinctive Events

In 2007, Rousseau Automotive Communication designed and produced the spectacular magazine Les 101 champions québécois de l’entretien et de la réparation automobile. Other projects are in the making.

The company also looks after special large-scale and prestigious events in partnership with Industry leaders:
• AIA’s Tribute to Industry Pioneers
• ASPQ Tire Industry Hall of Fame
• AIA’s Grand Forum

E-Solutions ‘s Web site was the most visited in the Industry nationwide. In its first year of operation, more than 100,000 visits were recorded. The event of transaction-driven portal is bound to increase tenfold in the coming years.

Other solutions
Based on opportunities and demand, Rousseau Automotive Communication will deliver its services on an issue upon request and organize special events as well as turnkey projects for customers, partners and leaders of the industry.


‘Specific’ Publishing
We are very active in ‘Specific’ publishings by organizing special events as well as turnkey projects for customers, partners and leaders of the Industry (official programs, souvenir guides, etc.). The special Edition in 2006 of an insert featuring CAA Québec 100th anniversary is but one example.

Event Organization
We’ll organize special events as well as turnkey projects for customers, partners and leaders of the Industry (forums, conferences and commercial exhibits, collated promo documents, etc.)

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