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Type of business : Design of electronic catalog


About :
Looking for OE Parts Information ? Looking for Cataloging ? Aquarius has the answers for you !

We can provide the following information on the cataloging management and maintenance, creating catalog, information on OE parts, information on prices.

We specialize in creating product catalog on paper and also design interactive catalog: catalog online catalog on CD or DVD (for original and powerful products you want to sell). Whether in electronic or paper, creating a catalog of products is a difficult exercise, requiring considerable experience in using positioning and computer skills and the client should be referred to easily and quickly find everything they want. Creating a multi-media product portfolio allows your product catalog to find both in the hands of your customers that their computers, which will increase your sales volume!

The product catalog is one of the best tools for pre-sales as well as e-commerce websites! From execution to print catalog, we offer a range of catalog creation turnkey product, which will make us your only interlocutor.

Services :
Cataloging Information & Maintenance :
• Catalog updates for 2009-2010 vehicles
• Application updates for any of your aftermarket part numbers
• Review & update the accuracy of your current catalog
• On-going Catalog Maintenance and Updates
• Provide regular updates to Activant & Wrenchead
• Create a WEB version of your catalog
• Create a new catalog according to AAIA Aces standards using one of the best performing catalog software presently on the market
• Create a new catalog for the North-American market based on your current part offering

OE Parts Information :
• OE part numbers for any car or light truck applications
• OE part numbers for any types of parts
• Car & Light Truck complete applications for any OE part numbers

Pricing information :
• Current OE part prices for the US or Canadian markets to help you update your price list or competitively price new aftermarket parts
• Compare your current aftermarket prices to OE List prices for both US or Canadian market

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